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weberFor over 50 years weber Sensors has been a leader in sensor innovation orldwide. From these activities the captor group evolved, providing engineered solutions for industrial automation and factory floor com-munication throughout the world.

Product range:

 Flow-captor                                                                                                            Vent-captor

Flow Sensors as Meters and Switches for liquid and pasty media, also: combined temperature- and flow meters MORE



Self-Contained Air Flow Sensors as Meters and Switches for Air or Gaseous Media MORE



Rugged, Maintenance-Free, Infrared Detector Systems for the Steel Industry and other Hot Products MORE


High Performance Laser Barrier System for Remote Sensing in Extreme Evironments MORE

 New products

Inductive Proximity Switches for Non-Contact Switching for the Heavy Industry MORE


designed for OEM’s; low cost, simple installation     flow sensors and systems MORE
Power Supply Units, Electronic Totalizers… MORE
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