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IMAV valve

IMAV-Hydraulik GmbH was founded in 1976 and offers innovative, customer-specific, and pipe free solutions in hydraulic manifolds. In close co-operation with the customer, our experienced team develops structured schematics, the design of which is reflected in clearly divided constructions thus fulfilling the customer’s requests and needs.

Product range:

 Pressure control valves

 Pressure relief valves – Sandwich plate

 Pressure relief valves – Screw-in type

 Pressure reducing valves – Sandwich plate

 Pressure reducing valves – Screw-in type

 Pressure sequence valves – Sandwich plate

 Pressure sequence valves – Screw-in type

 Pressure cut off valves – Screw-in type

 Counter balance valves – Sandwich plate

 Counter balance valves – Screw-in type

 Check valves

 Flow valves

 Directional control valves

 Proportional valves

 Manifold blocks


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