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benzlersBenzlers products include worm gears, screw jack, shaft mounted products and geared motors. The products offer unique value added features such as our environmental package. Our worm gears with the environmental option offer a dependable but more affordable option to stainless steel for operating in extreme environments.

Take advantage of over 60 years experience and allow Benzlers application engineers to help you solve your industrial transmission needs.

Product range:

 Geared Motors                                                                                        Industrial Gearbox

Geared Motor Series F
                                             industrial reducers

  Sala Gears                                                                                            Screw Jack

Sala Gear Series J
                                            Screw Jack

  Servo Geared Motor                                                                              Coupling

Series M3 servo geared motor
                                            Couplings Series X

  Worm Gear                                                                                             Additional Products

worm gears series aj
                                            additional products from our sister companies
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